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MacBook Alarm

Need to leave to the toilet while working on your laptop from a cafe? MacBook Alarm lets you do just that!

How does this work?


If someone closes your laptop or disconnects your charger


The laptop will play a police alarm


And a push notification is sent to your phone via Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the alarm start playing the sound?

It depends on the selected mode:
    1) When charger was disconnected or display was closed
    2) When charger was disconnected
    3) When display was closed

Yes. The alarm sound will continue playing if your display is closed.

Sound will switch back to maximum and he can't turn it off.

Yes you can change the alarm volume level from 0 (no alarm sound only notifications) to the maximum.

The alarm will start playing and continue until you disable it or plug the charger back in and open the display

No, you need to remove your headphones when enabling the app, otherwise the alarm sound will play through your headphones and not through the laptop speaker.

System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver -> Message -> Screen Saver Options...

You can use emoji as well. Example:

⚠️ Warning: This laptop is protected by 🚨 MacBook Alarm™. Do not close lid or disconnect cable.

System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Require password immediately

Yes, to be able to send and receive the notification, but not to play the alarm itself

Not at the moment, because their API is complicated and hard to use. Please download Telegram iOS app or Telegram Android app.

Please connect all your Apple devices with the same Apple ID to "Find My iPhone" (it's not only for iPhone). You can use it via web app and iOS app.

It looks like simple app but I spend around 4 month to make it. Also I'm an Indie Maker, meaning that making such apps is my main source of income. I quit my job in March 2018 to follow my dream and make apps. When you will purchace this app you will help it sustainable and alive 🙏.